Drum Lessons

Experience Music Making

First we use two drumsets to learn specific beats and techniques straight from your favorite song or musical style. We can create a version of the song that matches your skill level, and work upwards from there.

Then I move to the bass guitar, synthesizer, or other instrument to play along with you. This way we can learn song forms, and how the drums mesh with basslines, melodies, and harmonic changes to create the full band sound.

While we're rocking out, you’ll learn proper technique, reading skills, time keeping, and soloing, as well as pro tips for drum setup, playing gigs, personal practice, and band rehearsal.


Once you’ve completed 8 lessons, you’re ready to take it to the stage and play with a professional backing band at a Rockin’ Music Lessons Recital.

Custom Lessons at Your Level


Beginners or students learning from scratch
  • Learning good Musicianship is always #1.
  • How to play a basic rock beat in 4/4 time.
  • How to jam in a 4-measure phrase with fills.
  • How to play with a bass player/in a band.
  • Proper technique for hitting the drums and holding the sticks.
  • Basic reading of rhythms and drum notation.
  • How to pick out drum parts in a song.
  • How to play along with the songs that you love.



Advanced students or students with some experience
  • Different styles of music including Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Electronic, Contemporary, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, West African, Reggae, Orchestral, Mixed Meters, Odd Time Signatures, Hip-Hop, and RnB.
  • Prepare for college, high school, or other auditions
  • Improve/develop reading/writing skills. Improve technique for more efficiency and power.
  • Learn best practices, tips, and secrets for drum sounds, gear setup, rehearsing, gigging, and more.