Lesson Policies

Teaching Goals

Foster good musicianship and musical maturity in every student
Customize lessons to musical styles that the student enjoys
Give students the experience of playing in an ensemble
Maximize joy and minimize anxiety about music lessons
Make teaching materials accessible and easy to understand
Encourage playing with friends and discovering new music
Develop in each student an enthusiasm for personal musical growth


Student Expectations

Trust the teacher
Put forth your very best effort in every lesson
Open your mind to new ideas and new ways of moving
Do whatever you can to remember what is covered in lessons by taking notes or recording
Practice a little bit every day (even if it’s 30 seconds)



Students may be asked to purchase lesson related items (books, metronome, sticks, etc.). If necessary, copies and loaner materials can be provided.
All students should have a dedicated 3-ring binder, notebook, and/or folder to keep track of assignments and to hold loose-leaf handouts – and should bring it to every lesson.
Students will have access to their own page on rockinmusiclessons.com where they can find PDF handouts, recordings, videos, etc.



    Rates & Payments



    • The teacher will e-mail an invoice at the end of the month (for the next month) to be paid online at rockinmusiclessons.com.  The payment is considered late after the 1st of the month.
    • Payments can also be made in cash or check, due at the last lesson of the month.
    • Checks must be made out to “John Doing”






    Hourly Rates

    Single One-Hour Lesson


    One-Hour Lessons (Paid Monthly)


    Single Half-Hour Lesson


    Half-Hour Lessons (Paid Monthly)



    Flat Rate Monthly Payments


    The student pays the same amount every month regardless of which month it is or how many weeks are in the month, but never pays for lessons they don’t take!


    Here’s how it works:

    Out of 52 weeks there are 46 Lesson Weeks per year.

    There are 6 Non-Lesson Weeks per year, including some of the most common vacation weeks:









    The Flat Rate Monthly Payment is (hourly rate) X 46 (lesson weeks) ÷ 12 (months)

    It is paid once per month, every month, while the student is enrolled in lessons:


    Hour Long Lessons

    $276 per Month

    Half-Hour Lessons

    $153 per Month


    Your teacher will be happy to answer any questions you have about this!


    If the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason:

    The teacher will offer a make-up lesson at a time that works for teacher and student. If we can’t find a time, one lesson will be deducted from the next month’s bill (or an immediate refund if you prefer).


    If the student cancels a lesson for any reason:

    For any lesson cancellation by the student with 24 hours notice (or in case of emergency), the student can request a make-up lesson during normal teaching hours (Monday-Thursday 3-8pm), to be completed within 2 weeks after the missed lesson. There are no refunds for missed lessons.


    To stop or pause lessons:

    The student may stop lessons at any time and receive a refund for remaining lessons in the month.

    Students who need to take time off outside of the 6 non-lesson weeks have three options:

    1. Pay 100% for their time slot and make up all lessons upon return (no time limit),
    2. Pay 50% to reserve the time slot (no make-up lessons), or
    3. Pay nothing, but the weekly time slot is made available to new students.



        Studio Information



    The Rockin’ Music Lessons Studio is located at a private residence in the East Richmond Hills:


    673 Sonoma St., Richmond, CA 94805


    • When you arrive, please make your way up the red path and stay to the right to enter through the studio entrance at the back/right side of the house.
    • The residential neighborhood always has street parking
    • Try to park in front of 673
    • Please do not park in the Driveway


    Waiting Area

    For adults who accompany younger students to lessons, there are a few options:


    • Chairs are provided for parents/guardians inside the lesson studio.
    • A few steps from the studio entrance is a small back yard with a table and chairs.
    • Dropping off and pickup up is OK if the parent/guardian is reachable by cell phone.


    Driving Directions 

        Student Information

    Please complete this page and bring it to your first lesson. Your teacher can make a copy for you to take with you.

    I have read, and agree to the lesson policies at Rockin’ Music Lessons”

    Signature of Student/Adult: ________________________________  Date: ____________