Lesson Rates and Payments

  • All lessons are $80/hour
  • All lessons are 1 hour in duration

Save over 12% with Lesson Packages:

  • $640 $560 for 8 weeks (Save $80)
  • $1280 $1120 for 16 weeks (Save $160)

Lesson Policies

Single Lessons

  • Single Lessons are offered on a case-by-case basis determined by what time slots are open during the week.
  • To book a single lesson, fill out this simple Lesson Application and we'll contact you to schedule a lesson.
  • A weekly, repeating time-slot can only be secured through a Lesson Package.
  • Single Lessons must be paid in advance online.
  • Single Lessons are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don't like the lesson, we'll return your funds - no questions asked!

Lesson packages

  • Lesson Packages are 101% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No payment is due and no payment information is collected until after the first lesson. This allows new students who have not had any previous lessons with RML to have a risk-free trial lesson.

Attendance and Cancellations

  • All paid lessons are non-refundable, except in the case that the new student has paid in advance for their first lesson and is not satisfied - they will get a 100% refund.
  • If you must miss a lesson because of illness or a schedule conflict, your courtesy is requested in letting us know that you won't make it, but lesson fees will not be refunded.
  • You have paid for the time and the time is yours, so the teacher will be there for you during your entire time slot. The teacher will work with you for whatever amount of time you can be there within your allotted timeframe. E.g. if you are 30 minutes late for the 1 hour lesson, you can still do a 30 minute lesson.
  • This applies to Single Lessons and Lesson Packages.


Studio Policies

  • The studio is a professional music production studio in addition to a lessons studio. It contains lots of important and expensive equipment. Students are free to totally rock out on the instrument they are playing in lessons, and may ask permission to try other instruments they see in the room. This will be clearly explained in the first lesson and applies mostly to younger children.
  • Any student may be asked to leave for any reason at any time. Any student who is deemed unfit for lessons will receive a refund for the remaining lessons in their lesson package. At the time of writing these policies, no student has ever been dismissed from lessons. 
  • Instructions for accessing the studio are provided after signing up for lessons.
  • The studio provides a bathroom with a sink
  • Please finish eating all food outside the studio
  • Please don't bring sugary drinks into the studio. You can bring water, coffee, and tea, and/or those drinks can be provided upon request.

Minors and Parents


  • All minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an parent/guardian to the lesson.
  • Parents/guardians are not required to stay for the lesson, but are welcome to wait at the studio in one of two waiting areas: an outdoor patio area, or a sitting area inside the studio where the lesson is being taught.
  • Historically, students do better when the parent/guardian is not in the room, but the decision is totally up to the parent/guardian.
  • Many parents/guardians choose to wait in their cars or run errands.
  • Students need to be clean for music lessons. Please avoid showing up with sticky hands or excessively dirty clothing.
  • The studio provides a quiet and distraction-free environment for learning. Please keep this in mind when considering bringing other children (siblings, etc.) to the lesson. 
  • When observing a lesson, please avoid the use of sound-emitting devices.
  • When observing a lesson, please do not talk to the student unless necessary. Part of the Rockin' Music Lessons experience is for young people to learn how to better express themselves, and independence is an important part of this process.