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When I was getting my Masters in Jazz Performance at New York University, they had an interesting approach to private lessons: you can study with whoever you want, even if they don't teach your instrument.

At that level, we were not really learning how to play our instruments as much as how/what to play in an ensemble, how to listen, how to interact. A drummer could study with a bass player, for example, and gain that teacher's valuable perspective on feel, time, groove, etc.

This is a great way to learn, and some of my most valuable lessons were with pianists, bassists, and other musicians that were not drumset or vibraphone players (my primary instruments during my Masters).

I've taught a cello player, singers, guitarists, and more:

  • Sometimes lessons start as piano lessons and then turn into song-writing lessons.
  • Maybe we do several weeks of training on Sibelius, the professional music notation software.
  • Sometimes we start with drum lessons, and end up making trap beats in Logic Pro.


While there are plenty of limits to what I know, there are virtually none on what I'm willing to teach! So learn a little more about me and what I can offer, and sign up for some "Other Lessons" today!


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