Piano Lessons

Launch directly into playing songs you love

First we use two pianos to learn specific chords and melodies straight from your favorite song or musical style. We can create a version of the song that matches your skill level, and work upwards from there.

Then I move to the drums, bass guitar, synthesizer, or other instrument to play along with you. We can take turns playing the chords and melody, and dig into the form and arrangement of the song

While we're rocking out, you’ll learn proper technique, reading skills, scales, chords, and more.

Once you’ve completed 8 lessons, you’re ready to take it to the stage and play with a professional backing band at a Rockin’ Music Lessons Recital.

Custom Lessons at Your Level


Learn the piano from scratch
  • Learning good Musicianship is always #1
  • How to sit at the piano and how to navigate the instrument
  • Learn easy formulas for how to play all the major and minor scales
  • Focus in on the key of C to learn how chords work
  • Find your song and break it down so you can enjoy playing
  • Make a “chart” for your song to begin basic reading skills and assist with memory



Bring your own experience and learn to grow
  • Learn new keys and new kinds of scales
  • Learn music from jazz to classic hits to brand new pop songs
  • Dig deeper into classical piano with Bach and Mozart
  • Improve/develop reading/writing skills. Improve technique for more efficiency and power
  • Learn how to compose music, and techniques for writing on paper or in computer software
  • Explore synthesizers and other keyboard instruments