EBSB 2018-2019

This year, we've been working on creating original music in addition to our normal work of playing covers. Here are some recordings from our rehearsals. Some jams where we can find great ideas for songs, some original compositions that students brought in and we worked on, and more.


Django x Olivier x Rye x John - Hip Hop Instrumental for Henry.mp3


 Hampton x John - Hampton Original.mp3


 Hampton x John - Drowning in Bleach.mp3


 Hampton x John - Bulls on Parade.mp3


 Hampton x Django x John - Enter Sandman.mp3


 Django x John - Super Cool Riff in 3.mp3


 Django X Rye X Olivier Freestyle Jam.mp3


 Django X Rye Freestyle Jam.mp3


 Django Riff 1.mp3


 Django Riff 2.mp3


Django Riff 3.mp3